Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Sensational Tea Party

From Bubut, a guest at the party

That picture is the first round heap of desserts in the Tea Party that I and my sister attended last Sunday. It was an event that gathered the real sweet-toothed creatures that often lurked Lori Baltazar's blog, Dessertcomesfirst and Carlos Celdran's blog, Walking Tours.

A week before then, I was already dreaming up of how the cakes would look like, how they would smell like and how they would feel in my mouth, flavors dancing on my tongue. The excitement was so great that I was only able to nap for barely two hours that Saturday night before waking up to await the day ahead.

And the afternoon's tea party did not disappoint.

To tell you just how "atat" I was, I coaxed my sister into driving us so early there that we arrived at half past one, too early for the three o' clock party. Although the wait was agonizing, I kept myself happy by focusing on the purpose of our arrival. Three o' clock finally came, and we allowed ourselves inside the

One by one, the desserts arrived, in beautiful boxes, coolers and glasswares, carefully guarded and moved like the treasures that they are. The heat was intense from the feeling of rush that bounced off each attendee inside the Living Room as we each held onto our forks and plates tightly, anticipating the Go signal. Even hotter was the weather, causing nasty sweat blotches on our blouses and shirts. But no one cared, not when those heavenly creations were just an arm's reach away.

Taken by Katrina with the Cool Purple Hat

Lori started the program, giving specific instructions not run, but to "calmly" line up for the sweets AFTER (she stressed,) the bakers and their babies were introduced. One by one the bakers popped out with cake rounds and trays of Goodness and walked around the room to show to everyone. My eyes felt like popping and plopping onto the perfectly layered Triple Hazelnut Mousse, I swear.

My mind must've left this reality plane, because the next thing I heard was the permission to begin collecting and eating. With my eagerness about to go out of control, I lined up to get my portion of the first round desserts. My golly goolash. I was in heaven at the mere sight of my plate being so full! (Look at above picture for reference.) For a while, I suspected my dessert dreams were getting the best of me.

But when I accidentally bumped onto Anson's (I just met him there.) plate and of-all-the-idiotic-things-to-do, toppled it over, I was painfully snatched back to earth. Apologizing, I silently bid my plate goodbye and quickly handed it to him before my Greed monster went ga-ga. So my sister and I shared a plate, and then rounded again for a second helping after most had gotten theirs.

Aya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya! It was bliss.

Then I realized after a few minutes that dessert "Impacho" (Painful Indigestion that Carlos warned us against) was setting in. Suddenly, I didn't feel so perky anymore. I groaned and squirmed but still managed to shove in a few more mouthfuls. After all, I thought, when's the next time I get to try out all these fabulous and gorgeous desserts?

After all of us had tasted all the desserts, it was announced that round two was up. With a loud and shameful groan, the crowd almost-complained to the onslaught of six more sweets. My thrill was dampened by my threatening-to-shut-down stomach, so I had to keep mum lest the desserts decide to break out of my system. Slowly, I ate a forkful each of the second round desserts, savoring what I could with my overused tastebuds. But I knew they weren't going to be given justice, not with all of us so full and excessively loaded.

Half an hour later, the dessert show was over. With a sad sigh, I looked longingly at the round two desserts that were untouched, calling to the guests who were too full to oblige them. As I left the Living Room, I was already hoping for another dessert show, but this time with a little less (8-10) desserts so that we could give each one the appreciation it deserves.

Ahhh...even a week past, I'm still hung over from the event. That afternoon of March 12th is now forever etched in my gastronomical memories! Thank you Lori and Carlos for that fantabulous time at such a wonderful place. I hope this one's not the last!

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mg said...

Oh, i'm so jealous! All those cakes... mmmm *licking lips* i get weak in the knees for cakes that look like those - soft and delicious.

mg said...

Btw, thanks for linking me. I'll link you up too.

Mila Tan said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Glad I found your food blog.

Abster said...

MAE: Thanks! I looove cakes too...and pies...and cookies.. *drool*

MILA: Glad I found yours too! The blogosphere is quite a small world, huh? ;)

Abster said...

Sweets...I am your slave.