Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shopped Out to Duke of NY

Office Tea

Last Sunday, after doing all of our tiring errands, my sister and I who both are suffering from foodlust lately decided to stop in Robinson's Ermita while waiting for my brother's prom to end. At that time, I already felt worn out because I had spent the morning and afternoon being a nanny and slave to my brother out of blood-relational obligation.

Knowing that proms usually end past midnight, my sister had around five hours to go. What better way to pass time quickly than shop? By happy coincidence, it was the mall's grand 3-day sale! That meant lots of people and affordable but good finds everywhere! Ahhh, I seemed to have suddenly acquired a second wind.

By the end of the night, I exhausted. My feet were sore, my wallet was nearly empty, my mind was dulled, but my hands were full. (See picture below as evidence.) I looked at my watch only to find the short and long hands pointing to ten and twelve respectively. Restaurants were closing left and right. No one would take our good money, and no mercy was shown either.


In the end, after scouring the many halls of the floor, we found a warm, cozy nook still open. With almost nary a tinge of hope, I meekly asked, "Pwede pa?" pointing to their menu. And he smiled widely and nodded. The little, accomodating restaurant is Duke of New York Pizzeria.

Surprisingly, the menu offered a great variety of Italian cuisine ranging from fried mozzarella sticks, meat subs, salads to mouthwatering New York pizzas. All within reasonable price of around 170-250 per head, excluding drinks. We ordered the Garden Salad, Pizza Sub and the recommended, "small" 10-inch Garlic and Shrimp Pizza (available in medium and large for the bigger crowd or merely stomachs).

Duke of NY

The Garden Salad was a little two small for the two of us, but the sub and the pizza were more than we could finish. At the end of that meal, we were far more than just full. We were BURSTING! I would recommend the place for a quiet, satisfying meal and great service!

PS: They accidentally switched up our receipts at the cashier, but all things were sorted out just in time for the last full showing of She's the Man, which was sooo hilarious!


ces said...

oh, i miss those 3-day mall sale! and the midnight madness at that!:)
thanks for stopping by!

Abster said...

Indeed, it is madness for discounts that pushes people to dive in and out of the tight crowds!

mg said...

I too have such urgency for shoes. Much to the annoyance of my Fiance.

Abster said...

Hehe...it's a very expensive and tiring hobby! LOL. But something that women just love to do. ;)