Monday, February 27, 2006

Trio of Classics

Last Sunday, I went to this required seminar for my Theology class and thought that I was going to be bored all day. Luckily, I was sorted into this discussion group of girls who were really warm and easy to get along with. Our facilitators were Tess and Rhea, both were kind and accomodating, making our required "talks" together seem more like gabfests.

After introducing ourselves, I of course told them about my love for writing as well as baking. With lit-up eyes, they excitedly hinted that I bring goodies for the next meeting, which was earlier today. With a giddy smile (at the thought of baking), I agreed.

Last night, after mulling over my different tested recipes, I decided to bake the basics for the reasons of appealing to everyone's tastebuds by familiarity and chocolate, and also to avoid the inconvenience of having to balance a cake-juggling act on the way there.

So, I slaved over three batches of sweets. One was a recipe for the chewy, chocolate chip cookies. The next one was an alternate with a cocoa batter and white chocolate chips. And the last one, my specialty, a batch of my Dolcezza brownies, but this time, marbled with a Dulce de Leche topping.

Here they are, arranged in a Chinese-influenced setting and made more attractive with little bits of this and that.
classic trio

I'm glad to report that the feedback's been great. I think I need to improve on the thickness of the chewy cookies though (to have more of a bite) and also, perhaps lengthen the baking time of my brownies by around 2 minutes or experiment on the flour/egg proportion to get more of a structure than just fudginess.

At the end of the day, I am happy though...happy that I shared my struggles with them, and at the same time, the loves of my life.

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