Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Powerful Seducer

There are things in life you can look at but never have... Like a huge, beautiful mansion with a sculpted garden of roses, sunflowers and fresh herbs, or maybe a beautiful, speedy, red convertible just for two. Or even harder to possess, that one guy you think (but claim to know) is the one for you but belongs to someone else.

Ahhh, but I deviate.

I meant to hit at those intense food cravings one like myself who is in love with food gets at the most untimely hours. It deprives you of a good night sleep with your stomach growling not because of hunger but because your brain orders it to bother you with loud whining and pinings!

It keeps you from your normal routine, distracting you with memory flashes of its delectable self, luring you with its beauty, smell, texture, taste. One bite, one lick is all it takes--holding it safe in my mouth, savoring the flavors as they dance on my tongue and slide down to my waiting reservoir longing to be filled--and yet it is that inanimate object which beguiles and captures me with such potent seduction.

Ahhh, food...what power you have over mortals who have been cursed with the passion for you, and the weakest of restraint.

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Abster said...

Testing, testing, testing.