Sunday, July 02, 2006

Saturday Sweets

I'm fat for a reason, and there's only one to blame: FOOD.

That's right. When I'm tired, happy, sad, stressed or just bored, I crave for food high in sugar and calories! Eeek!

See the desserts I made yesterday to bring to our friendly get-together at the ol' alma mater. :)

I iced one pair with caramel and chopped cashew nuts, while I drizzled the other with chocolate ganache with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

I christen these CRATER BROWNIES. lol. Fudgy dark chocolate triangles with melted marshmallows and more chocolate on top!
crater brownies

Just 'cause there's nothing better than good company and chocolate. :)


JMom said...

oh, I love brownies and these look delicious! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, now I found another foodie blog!

Cusinero Ge said...

Those look divine... fattening, but divine. Hehehehe... good job!

Abster said...

JMOM: Thanks! :) They tasted really fudgy, but they get a bit too soft (for me) when eaten outdoors. Any suggestions? Is it the proportion of flour/cocoa?

Abster said...

GE, Hahaha!!! Fattening they are indeed. I am proof of that! LOL.

ayen said...

seeing those pictures... sweet tooth in overdrive... :D

Abster said...

Hi AYEN! So nice of you to drop by! :)

joooeeeiii said...


perfect comfort food! =)


EricD said...

sarap naman ng mga deserts mo!